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Vincennes Housing Authority was established in 1937 to provide safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities for families, the elderly, handicapped and disabled, as they strive to achieve self-sufficiency and enhance the quality of their lives.  Vincennes Housing Authority operates the oldest existing property in the State of Indiana.

Vincennes Housing Authority administers and maintains 347 Public Housing units. The units are distributed at four sites located at Major Bowman Terrace, Old French Towne, Piankeshaw Place Apartments, and Presidential Estates.

Vincennes Housing Authority also administers 372 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers for the low to moderate income citizens of Vincennes.  Public Housing units and Choice Vouchers provide housing for about 2,000 people, or about 10% of the population of Vincennes.

Vincennes Housing Authority maintains all sites and continually upgrades and modernizes the sites through grant programs made available by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Vincennes Housing Authority is proud of our sites, facilities, and history. 

The Vincennes Housing Authority has been providing safe, decent housing for over 83 years.  Since its inception in 1937, VHA has been actively seeking ways to meet the needs of people within the community with limited resources. VHA is primarily in the business of providing housing for low to moderate income families, disabled, handicapped, and the elderly. We also serve single persons who qualify for assistance under the HUD guidelines.

Major Bowman Terrace

Major Bowman Terrace was named after Major Francis Bowman, George Rogers Clark’s second in command and the first Magistrate of the City of Vincennes. This site, located at Jefferson and Minneapolis streets, consists of 16 one-bedroom units, 56 two-bedroom units, and 11 three-bedroom units. The residents have access to a Recreation Center for meetings, dinners and other community affairs. Major Bowman Terrace was constructed in 1937 and is the oldest existing Public Housing site in the state.

Old French Towne

The construction of Old French Towne provided the community with its first high-rise housing site. This site, located at 600 Nicholas Street, houses 81 elderly, disabled and handicapped persons in one-bedroom units. The residents can enjoy recreation, laundry and library facilities. There are weekly bingo games, dinners, church services and other community programs available. Old French Towne was constructed in 1966.

Piankeshaw Place Apartments

In keeping with the historical tradition of Vincennes, Piankeshaw Place Apartments was named in honor of the Piankeshaw Indians, a part of the Miami Nation. This site, located at 501 Hart Street, houses 111 elderly, disabled and handicapped persons in one-bedroom units. The residents enjoy the conveniences of in-house bingo games, dinners, church services and other community programs. Piankeshaw Place Apartments was constructed in 1973.

Presidential Estates

Presidential Estates honors our past U.S. Presidents. The roadways are named for Presidents who have held office since the original Housing Act, approved by Congress in 1937. This site, located at Willow Street and Niblack Road, consists of 10 one-bedroom units, 30 two-bedroom units, 28 three-bedroom units, and 4 four-bedroom units. The residents have access to a Community Building for meetings, dinners and other community affairs. Presidential Estates was constructed in 1984.